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How All This Got Started

I started making salve for my grandson's growing pains. It also worked very well on muscle cramps, arthritis, swelling, etc. And, although we are 420 Custom Designs, the salve has has no cannabis in it.

I also enjoy making jewelry and designed a whole line of 420 jewelry. I did festivals and other events for several years before I had the idea of an online store. I checked out a few websites and realized I wanted to have a wide variety of items that change regularly. I plan to add new things all the time, including some custom pieces of fine jewelry and unique items  that I find while shopping - another passion of mine.. 

I have combined my jewelry designs and unique shopping finds and put them all here for you to enjoy. Eventually, you will be able to place custom orders for jewelry. You will pick the colors, and I will design it for you. Until then, please enjoy what is currently available and stop by often to see what's new.
Melody Reid
Melody's Knockouts and 420 Custom Designs